Magic Time Vinyl Festival

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29., 30. & 31. july 2022.

Magic Time Vinyl Festival is a unique event in our parts - the festival of exclusively vinyl LP reproduced music. So, we are talking about an event of playing pure analog sound, where you’ll here neither digital nor live music.
This is the reign of vinyl in all of its sizes.
The idea is to gather all LP lovers and DJs and present the music which you’re hard pressed to hear anywhere else: neither on the radio nor on TV and surely not in clubs. This doesn’t mean we are dealing with bad tunes - on the contrary, they still pack a punch even after 30-40 years, but they receded into background, pushed by the onslaught of new commercial music or even ended up buried in the avalanche of digital hyper-production. We get it, time waits for no one and it is far easier to click on the LCD display and let the torrent of music flood your ears, but in its noise you’re bound to miss the sound of some fine tunes, especially if they’re older. The old songs can be as exciting as they come and we want to prove it. Of course, the music is here to relax and amuse, but it can also educate. And that’s precisely what we aim at with this Festival.

Vinyl is a symbol of different way of life; a different way of listening to the music. No “next”, no “skip” buttons - only A and B sides. Vinyl is also a symbol of numerous strands of development in the history of popular music - twist, rock’n’roll, funk, disco, punk, new wave, house, rap ... it was vinyl that carried the tunes of Split and San Remo Festivals, the music of Yugoton all the to the beginning of the Nineties. The location we picked for the event also captures the magic of this – the Festival takes place midsummer in the meadows by the river Vrljika, where waters ripple through the millstones of still functional old mill. The place of green grass and clear waters meets the analog sound of vinyl - this is something we hope will get the real mojo workin’.

If we have managed to intrigue you, let us also note that Festival takes place under the open sky, by the Vrljika river, at Perinuša mills near Imotski. Attendance is, of course, free and camping space will be secured. Add to this domestic food and beverage and the vibe can't be anything but good.

Welcome to the festival of 33 and 45 rpm.

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A festival devoted exclusively to vinyl records. It takes place on the last weekend of July besides the Vrljika river at Perinuša..

Magic Time Vinyl Festival

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